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"Just being there is no longer enough."

Giulia Langhi

Your company's appearance will be professional, up-to-date and successful.
If you act constantly up-to-date and professional in the net, you leave traces. You will be found and selected by search engines and customers. An emotional story with the right image or explanatory graphic makes you unique / differentiates you from the competitors. Show your company actively and dynamically to the outside world. This way you will be successful in the market.​


Your independent appearance further thought

I develop ideas and a conceptual designs for you and put them into practice. I support you from the idea finding phase to the publication. 



Stand out on the Internet with unique images

Creation of visual worlds for social media, homepage, marketing and PR. Supporting events as a photographer.

Graphically appealing appearance

Designing flyers, posters, business cards, PowerPoint, graphics, visualizations of complex contents and facts.



How you control your appearance yourself

You want to manage your performance yourself later?Photography, smartphone photography and image editing workshops so you can create your own content and stay up to date.

Why you are

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  1. I keep it simple for you

  2. I make it unique for you

  3. I implement it for you affordable

  4. I manage it safely for you

  5. I add value for you

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Take the step into the future.

Send me an email ( or Whatsapp (+41 79 890 63 74) with your request. And soon we will get started.